A Very Capitalist Condition: A History and Politics of Disability
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ISBN : 9781914143984
Category : Marxist Theory
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What does the term “disability” mean today? For many it is a highly negative label that they do not accept. In recent years, it has become associated with unemployment and dependence on benefits. But how were people we now call disabled treated in earlier societies? This book examines the origins and development of disability and highlights the hidden history of groups such as disabled war veterans, deaf people and those in mental distress.

In a wide-ranging critique, updated with a new introduction, Roddy Slorach describes how capitalist society segregates and marginalises disabled people, turning our minds and bodies into commodities and generating new impairment and disability as it does so. He argues that Marxism not only helps provide a fuller understanding of the politics and nature of disability, but also offers a vision of how disabled people can play a part in building a better world for all.

“Whether you are new to the issues or have been around disability politics for a while, this book is essential reading. It skilfully weaves together past, present and future to provide a crucial understanding of key disability issues, their relationship to the capitalist system, and the development of disability activism. It offers knowledge, hope, and a solid foundation for generations of disability activists and writers to come.” Debbie Jolly, co-founder, Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC)



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