Selected Writings on Socialism and Revolution
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Category : Marxist Theory
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Anyone who reads the selected writings contained in this work will be persuaded that John Molyneux is a socialist theorist of the finest calibre, full of subtle ideas and penetrating insights, all rooted in a profound understanding of the classic works of Marxism. In these writings, Marxism is not, a juggling of academic categories or a process of theory-building as an end in itself. The preoccupation here is with questions that inform and direct the efforts of those of us who want to change the world.

From the Introduction by Joseph Choonara


At a time of extinction or socialism this superb assemblage of Molyneux essays

weaponises us to better understand, save and change the world. Book in hand and into battle comrades!

Ronnie Kasrils, former ANC government minister, South Africa and author of International Brigade Against Apartheid.


John Molyneux is one of the outstanding socialist writers of his generation. This collection, which brings much of his best writing together, is a must.

Alex Callinicos, author of The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx.


One of the things I have always enjoyed about John Molyneux’s writing – in addition to its clarity and thoughtfulness, and the interesting points he offers (even if one sometimes disagrees) – is the fact that it invariably and seriously connects with the actual struggle for a better world.

Paul Le Blanc, author of The Living Flame: The Revolutionary Passion of Rosa Luxemburg


This terrific book is not only essential reading to understand the past struggles and debates within the socialist movement, it also contains analysis generalising from recent developments of the radical left in Ireland which will be of interest to socialists more widely.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit.


John Molyneux’s brilliant new collection is the work of a writer and activist who has helped to shape revolutionary socialism in the 21st century. John pulls off an almost impossible feat – to cover a wide range of subjects without sacrificing any depth and nuance of analysis. 

Judy Cox, socialist author of Rebellious Daughters of History.

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