Making Sense of the Alt-Right
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Making Sense of the Alt-Right understands alt-right thinking from the inside. George Hawley's erudition on the subject is evident. The work is supple in tracing out the lineage and development of the movement against the conservative establishment and in explaining its present incarnation in the form of the alt-right.--Lawrence Rosenthal, University of California, Berkeley

Making Sense of the Alt-Right is clearly written, insightful, and impressively documented, getting the reader genuinely close to the essence of this amorphous movement. I know of no other work that does nearly as good a job of dealing with the alt-right, and I suspect that this will become the "go-to" work on the movement for students, politicians, and serious readers alike.--Michael Barkun, Syracuse University

I am no fan of the term "alt-right," but an academic study of this much-hyped movement was well overdue, and George Hawley was the only one who could make at least some sense of them. Recommended reading!--Cas Mudde, University of Georgia

George Hawley's fine new book is one of the first accounts of the rise of a new radical political ideology. It's an important contribution to scholarship about extremism, digital communication, and contemporary American political culture. It's also a good read, packed with interesting anecdotes about right-wing intellectual infighting and the online community of the alt-right. All serious followers of American politics today will want to read it.--Thomas J. Main, Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Baruch College, CUNY

Hawley's survey represents a good early effort at understanding a strange time in American politics.--Publishers Weekly

Suddenly, everyone claims to be an expert on the white-nationalist reboot, but Hawley actually is. His deep knowledge makes this the most thorough guide to the movement yet.--New York Magazine

WHY READ IT? A good, short (222 pages) primer to help understand the political forces responsible for Charlottesville (and the election of Donald Trump as president).--Hollywood Reporter

An important contribution to contemporary political discourse that sheds light on a disturbingly influential group in American politics.--Library Journal

For anyone trying to figure out how to appeal to the exasperated while maintaining hard boundaries against white supremacists, an important book...--Joan C. Williams "Times Literary Supplement "

Valuable accounts of a movement that [the author] has studied in depth.--Inside Higher Ed

George Hawley is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama. He is the author of Voting and Migration Patterns in the U.S. (2013), White Voters in Twenty-First Century America (2014), and Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism (2016).

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