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Ó Tuathaigh has a stunning capacity for empathy, the ability to place dispossessed others in the context of our own lives, what we might be like, what we might feel in flight from catastrophe. There is nothing worthy here. The writing is dry-eyed and elegant. The far-off figures huddled in refugee camps or reception centres are brought near, common humanity acknowledged. The reader is held in their gaze and they are held in ours. Outlanders sears because it turns distance into intimacy, brings the stark knowledge that if we do not succour others, then we cannot succour ourselves. Brilliant. --Eoin MacNamee, author of Resurrection Man and The Vogue.

Outlanders offers an insight into the stark reality of poverty, conflict and war which forces people from their homes. Ó Tuathaigh s rich, varied descriptions paint a clear portrait of the humanity behind the international migration crisis and allows readers to step into the lives of the new arrivals....This is a well-written, important and timely book --Sorcha Pollak, The Irish Times, author of New To The Parish.

It is our stories that define us, connect us, and allow us to grow together as one people on this planet. In an age of misinformation and division, it is vital that stories are heard, especially those who are silenced....Outlanders offers a vital vessel for this sharing --Ruairí McKiernan, social entrepreneur and activist

Sean O Tuathaigh was born and raised in Sligo and has an MPhil in Creative Writing from TCD. Before that course, he taught English in Hanoi, Vietnam. After graduation, in 2016, he moved to the US for 18 months, where he worked as a refugee biographer in a resettlement agency and, following that experience, he wrote Outlanders.


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