The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World
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ISBN : 9781526607423
Category : Politics
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Masterly mapping out of a new world order ... Peter Frankopan has gone up in the world since his bestselling Silk Roads history was published to great acclaim in 2015 - and deservedly so (Justin Marozzi Evening Standard)

I enjoyed The New Silk Roads. I learnt a great deal about recent developments in Central Asia and elsewhere. Frankopan is a brilliant guide to terra incognita (Niall Ferguson Sunday Times)

The book is diverting, eclectic and has serious intent. Its thesis that Eurasia is developing a sense of cohesion, largely powered by China's restless ambition, is a sound one (Roger Boyes The Times)

Absorbing . The argument that western dominance is over is a familiar one, but by employing vivid examples such as the knock-on effect of Chinese demand for donkey skins to illustrate how globalisation is stepping up pace, Frankopan shows we are already well-ensconced in the Asian century (Irish Times)

Peter Frankopan has written as prescient a modern history as possible . Frankopan's skill is that he able to step back a few more paces from the world map and global events than most modern commentators, whilst encouraging us to use history as a way of looking forward than regressing into the past (Total Politics)

An entertaining and carefully researched account of a new Chinese chapter in global history, and one where it finally makes sense to see Eurasia, with Europe at one end and China at the other, as a single connected whole (Spectator)

Many books have been written that claim to be "A New History of the World". This one fully deserves the ambitious, so detailed and so fascinating (Praise for 'The Silk Roads' The Times)

Brilliant and fearless . This is history on a grand scale (Praise for 'The Silk Roads', William Dalrymple)

This invigorating and profound book has enough storytelling to excite the reader and enough fresh scholarship to satisfy the intellect (Praise for 'The Silk Roads', Bettany Hughes)

Peter Frankopan's surprise 2015 bestseller The Silk Roads was a gripping world history that centred on the east. His follow-up The New Silk Roads takes the story right up to the present, as a resurgent China seeks to recreate the old trade routes (Books of the Year Prospect)

Everything you need to know about the present and future of the world from Sunday Times bestselling author of The Silk Roads, Peter Frankopan

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