Moving Against the System: The 1968 Congress of Black Writers and the Making of Global Consciousness (Black Critique)
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Published By Pluto Press
ISBN : 9780745338651
Category : Black Struggle
Format : Paperback
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'The Congress of Black Writers marks one of the most important gatherings of radical intellectuals in the 20th century... Where else can you find the likes of C.L.R. James, Walter Rodney, Richard B. Moore, James Forman, Stokely Carmichael, Robert Hill and others, talking revolution to an engaged and sometimes combative crowd? I couldn't put the book down' --Robin D. G. Kelley, author of 'Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination'

'Moving Against The System is a carefully constructed montage of the leadership , dynamics, and substance of what became an international "Movement". It is a revelatory portrait of the past that is no less revealing of the political dynamics and potential of today's "Black Live Matter", "#MeToo", and other activist efforts . A must read' --Harry Edwards, Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Consultant: NFL, NBA

'Austin provides a wonderful contextual and critical Introduction making the contributions of CLR James, Robert Hill, Walter Rodney, James Forman, Stokely Carmichael and many others not only relevant to but also very much alive for contemporary movement theory and practice. A must read for all those concerned with anti-racist revolutionary social transformation today' --Gary Kinsman, gay liberation and anti-capitalist activist, co-author of 'The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation'

David Austin is the author of Dread Poetry and Freedom: Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Unfinished Revolution (Pluto, 2018) and the editor of Moving Against the System, The 1968 Congress of Black Writers and the Making of Global Consciousness (Pluto, 2018). He is is the winner of the 2014 Casa de las Americas Prize.

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