Jeremy Corbyn and the Strange Rebirth of Labour England
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Category : General Politics
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Could it? Should it? An elegant statement of belief from two masters. I lived through last time the triumphs and the tears. With this, my breath is well and truly bated. --Alastair Stewart

A book that brilliantly challenges the narrow-minded assumptions and misplaced fashionable orthodoxies of most political commentary. In placing Corbyn's rise in a wider historical context, the authors shine fresh light on its epic significance, while avoiding uncritical hero worship and lazy disdain. --Steve Richards

All Labour supporters should read this book because those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It takes us from the 70s to now and is highly readable. One does not need to share all the judgements to learn from the story. --Clare Short

This brilliant, compelling book is a must-read insight into the peaceful political revolution happening in Britain and how Labour avoided the terrible fate of many of its European sister parties. --Owen Jones

Mark Seddon was editor of Tribune for thirteen years and a member of Labour's ruling National Executive Committee for eight years, before becoming the first UN & New York correspondent for al Jazeera English TV. He has also worked for UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon and for Gordon Brown in his capacity as UN Special Envoy for Global Education. He has written for amongst others: the New York Times, Boston Globe, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Daily Mail, The Spectator, New Statesman, Private Eye, The Oldie and Country Life. He is the author of Standing for Something: Life in the Awkward Squad.

Francis Beckett is an author, journalist, broadcaster and contemporary historian. His books include Gordon Brown, The Great City Academy Fraud and Clem Atlee. His latest book, What Did the Baby Boomers Ever Do For Us?, argues that the children of the sixties inherited the good society from earlier generations, but through ignorance and foolishness, trashed it. He is an expert on Prime Ministers, having written biographies of four of them Attlee, Macmillan, Blair and Brown, edited a series of shorts called The 20 Prime Ministers of the Twentieth Century for Haus Publishing, and edited a counterfactual book, The Prime Ministers Who Never Were, for Biteback.

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