Times Like These Scene & Heard: Graphic Reports of Modern Life
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ISBN : 9781910463949
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'Deceptively intelligent and exceptionally moreish.' --Charlie Brooker

'With his beautiful illustrations and incisive words, David Greene is one of the most important cartoonists working today.' --David Squires, Guardian cartoonist

'For years in the pages of Private Eye Scene & Heard has combined to telling effect a journalist's news sense and ear for a quote with an artist's eye for the human condition, once a fortnight, for less than the price of a bog-standard pint in a characterless booze-barn. A collection of same for less than you'd pay to spend an evening swilling cr*p in said dive seems a bargain too good to miss.' --Barney Farmer

'Yeah. What he said.' --Lee Healey. Viz, The Drunken Bakers

'Unusually for modern journalism, Scene & Heard leaves the reader with more questions than fourth-hand conjecture masquerading as insight. As brutally honest as one might hope. Brilliant.' --Rufus Hound

'Fantastic.' --Chris Riddell

'It's the gentle warmth of Greene's approach that gives these stories their unexpected power; the understated humaneness of watching and listening and composing these snapshots of modern public political life. ' --Samira Ahmed, journalist, writer & presenter of BBC Front Row

' A refreshing piece of unbiased reporting in a sea of cynicism.' --Miranda Sawyer, writer & broadcaster

' Scene and Heard does the opposite of that soul-crushing dehuminisation that much of the modern media creates ... Times Like These is a beautiful example of the power of the comics medium to be used in different ways ... Above all Times Like These is very, warmly human, and personal ... It's a fascinating series of snapshots of society, drawn - literally - from all walks of life.' -- Forbidden Planet International

'[Times Like These] is a ride through humanity. Which, yes, is often hideous but the details are fascinating. Greene's pen-line makes sure of that.' --Bleeding Cool

David Ziggy Greene is one of few reportage graphic artists in the UK. He is best known for his 'Scene and Heard' column in Private Eye. He has also published work in Charlie Hebdo, TimeOut and more. www.samu.co.uk

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