White Privilege
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Category : Black Struggle
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A lucid straightforward illumination of whiteness and white privilege, as it is currently acted-out in school and society, despite social justice policies. It puts before readers the pervasiveness and meanness of white privilege in education/schooling and society in this neoliberal, non-post-racial era. Timely and deserving of urgent attention. --Carl A. Grant, Hoefs Bascom Professor University Wisconsin-Madison and author of Du Bois and Education

In this wide-ranging book Bhopal addresses racial inequality in Britain and the United States. She demonstrates how racial inequality is pervasive in British society across sectors, especially education and the labor market, an important perspective for scholars. A great introduction to issues of racial inequality. --Natasha Kumar Warikoo, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education.

Offers a crucial and timely focus on the perpetuation of white privilege in a society that claims to be post-racial, and the continuing disadvantages experienced by black and minority ethnic groups... provides a wealth of data on social, educational and economic inequalities in both the UK and USA where white supremacist hate is increasing. It should be read by policy makers, practitioners and the public to help them realise how white privilege works and disadvantage is perpetuated. --Sally Tomlinson, University of Oxford

Kalwant Bhopal is Professorial Research Fellow and Professor of Education and Social Justice in the Centre for Research on Race and Education at the University of Birmingham. She is visiting Professor at Harvard University at the Graduate School of Education and visiting Professor at King's College London. Her areas of interest and expertise focus on the educational experiences of black and minority ethnic groups as well as Gypsies and Travellers. Her research specifically explores how processes of racism, exclusion and marginalisation operate in predominantly white spaces with a focus on social justice and inclusion.


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