The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America
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ISBN : 9781479806898
Category : Black Struggle
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"Nearly everything about Gerald Home's lively The Counter-Revolution of 1776--from the questions asked to the comparisons drawn is provocative. And if Professor Home is right, nearly everything American historians thought we knew about the birth of the nation is wrong."-Woody Holton, author of "Forced Founders: Indians, Debtors, Slaves, and the Making of the American Revolution in<br \><br \>"The Counter-Revolution of 1776 shows the centrality of slavery in colonial American life, north as well as south. It demonstrates how enslaved people's struggles merged with international and imperial politics as the British empire frayed. Gerald Horne finds among white American revolutionaries people who wanted to defend slavery against real threats. He addresses how in the United States, alone among the new western hemisphere republics, slavery thrived rather than waned, until its cataclysmic destruction during the Civil War."-Edward Countryman, Southern Methodist University<br \><br \>"This utterly original book argues that story of the American Revolution has been told without a major piece of the puzzle in place. The rise of slavery and the British empire created a pattern of imperial war, slave resistance, and arming of slaves that led to instability and, ultimately, an embrace of independence. Horne integrates the British West Indies, Florida, and the entire colonial period with recent work on the Carolinas and Virginia; the result is a larger synthesis that puts slave-based profits and slave restiveness front and center. The Americans re-emerge not just as anti-colonial free traders but as particularly devoted to an emerging color line and to their control over the future of a slavery based economy. A remarkable and important contribution to our understanding of the creation of the United States."-David Waldstreicher, Temple University<br \><br \>" --."-David Waldstreicher, Temple University<br \><br \>"

[ ]The Counter-Revolution of 1776remains a fine addition to the radical history of colonial America and a welcome counterpoint to studies of black loyalists. [ ] [Horne s] documentation is impressive and effective, and it offers a gold mine of references for future works on slave resistance. -"Register of the Kentucky Historical Society"" - --"Register of the Kentucky Historical Society""

Gerald Horne sThe Counter-Revolution of 1776strikingly places the American founding in its international setting and emphasizes that the slave-owning South seceded from the Crown in a foreshadowing of the Civil War. -"The Journal of American History"" - --"The Journal of American History""

"Every person committed to the struggle for racial justice, liberation, and equality, and who struggles every day with the difficulties of forging unity between Black and white, needs to read this book."

"Historian Horne makes the case that the War for Independence was in fact a conservative counter-revolution that sought to preserve slavery in North America." -In These Times

"Horne returns with insights about the American Revolution that fracture even more some comforting myths about the Founding Fathers. The author does not tiptoe through history’s grassy fields; he swings a scythe . . . . Clear and sometimes-passionate prose shows us the persistent nastiness underlying our founding narrative."-Kirkus

The Counter-Revolution of 1776 is a challenging contribution to the debate about the American Revolution and a valuable addition to Horne’s previous book on African American-British alliances before the Civil War.”-American Studies

"The Counter Revolution of 1776 drives us to a radical new understanding of the traditional heroic creation myth of the United States."-Philadelphia Tribune

"[I]t is Horne's book that has the most to teach about the complex intersections of race, class, religion, and ethnicity."-Cambridge Humanities Review

"In a refreshing take on the independence movement, Horne places slavery and its expansion in North American during the early eighteenth century at the center if the conflict between London and its increasingly nervous and truculent colonies across the Atlantic . . . . This is an important book for both its novelty in a crowded field and its implications . . . . Eminently readable, this is a book that should be on any undergraduate reading list and deserves to be taken very seriously in the ongoing discussion as to the American republic's origins."-The American Historical Review

"History books have painted a narrative of the U.S. founding that any student can recite: Colonists, straining against the tyranny of the British crown, revolted in the name of freedom, liberty and justice for all. But in recent years, historians have revisited that conventional story, examining the important role slaves played for Britain in its quest to quell colonists. Now, in a new book, historian Gerald Horne argues it was the desire to maintain slavery that was the prime motivator of the uprising . . . . Horne revisit[s] the period leading up to 1776 to find out how slavery in North America and the British colonies influenced the revolution."-The Kojo Nnamdi Show,DC Public Radio

“This study is a powerful statement on the American Revolution. The quickening pace of his publishing is astonishing, and his style is always lean and vigorous.”-Historian

"Gerald Horne’s Counter Revolution of 1776 is a critical contribution in the struggle for clarity around one of the most misconceived periods of history….Horne’s work provides the vast historical narrative that proves how this premise is false.  He centers his analysis on the inherently counter-revolutionary nature of what led to the colonists desire for succession.”-Black Agenda Report

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