In the Name of the Son: The Gerry Conlon Story
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As fond as O Rawe is of Gerry Conlon, this is not a hagiography. Conlon is shown in all his imperfect splendor, his contradictions and complexities, as both a victim of the conflict in Northern Ireland and ultimately a survivor whose inherent humanity and decency rise above ancient animosities and modern human failings. Written by someone who emerged from the same cauldron that swallowed so many of their generation, O Rawe s unsparingly honest account does many things, none more so than make us fervently wish that Gerry Conlon lived much longer, because he had so much more to teach us. --Kevin Cullen, columnist and former Ireland correspondent for The Boston Globe

A vivid, bracing, often funny account of the wild and tragic but ultimately inspiring life of Gerry Conlon. With great affection and compassion for his subject, Ricky O Rawe has written a biography that captures Conlon s self-destructive demons, but also his infectious lust for life. --Patrick Keefe, The New Yorker

Rick O Rawe has written a searingly honest, deeply moving and all encompassing account of the life of Gerry Conlon. Gerry s lust for life was only matched by his unquenchable thirst for justice not just for the Guildford 4 but for all those who have fallen foul of an often corrupt and politically loaded judicial system. The author deserves praise for refusing to allow his lifelong, deep friendship with Conlon to whitewash many of Gerry s own personal failings. Yet in the end O Rawe still does justice himself to the memory of a remarkable, courageous and lovable character. --Henry McDonald, The Guardian

Richard O Rawe and Gerry Conlon grew up together in Belfast s Lower Falls area they were life-long best friends and confidantes. O Rawe is a former Irish republican prisoner and was a leading figure in the 1981 Hunger Strike in the H Blocks of the Maze prison. He is the author of the best-selling book Blanketmen: An Untold Story of the H-Block Hunger Strike (2005) and Afterlives: The Hunger Strike and the Secret Offer that Changed Irish History (2010).

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