Not Guilty
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"Half a century on, it's hard to imagine the Britain that a glorious handful of campaigners helped change for ever. Here are the voices of gay men who lived through the years when equality was unimaginable, in a book that splashes colour on a period so often seen in black and white." --Matthew Parris

Steve Humphries is a former history and sociology lecturer at the University of Essex. After moving into television as a producer with LWT he set up Testimony Films to specialise in oral history programme-making. In 2016 he was awarded the Royal Television Society s Sir Ambrose Fleming Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to television.

Sue Elliott is the author of Love Child (2012), The Children Who Fought Hitler (2009), Britain s Greatest Generation (2015), I Heard My Country Calling (2015), and Surviving Aberfan: The People s Story (2016). She has worked in collaboration with Steve Humphries for more than a decade and four of her books have accompanied Testimony documentaries for BBC and ITV.

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