Rock in a Hard Place: Music and Mayhem in the Middle East
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ISBN : 9781786990150
Category : Music
Format : Paperback
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‘Crowcroft’s book is a revelation into the torture, oppression and imprisonment metalheads stand up to, just so they can be metal in the Middle East. This book is a must read!’
Max Cavalera, frontman for Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy


‘Going to jail for liking a band like us, that's taking chances… It's shocking to hear that someone had to suffer and risk his life for nothing but a love of music and a passion for freedom of speech.’
Silenoz, guitarist for Dimmu Borgir and Insidious Disease


‘Black metal, Islam, war zones - and a great shock of humanity. Orlando Crowcroft goes where no other writer has even thought of going before and brings back an improbably remarkable story.’
Mick Wall, author of Last of the Giants: The True Story of Guns N' Roses


‘Rock in A Hard Place is a must read for any musician. Especially those involved in the underground. An inspiring report on the power of music to unite human beings in the face of adversity.’
Brad Logan, guitarist for F-Minus and Leftöver Crack


'A fascinating insight into the impossibility of repressing everyone no matter how fanatic you may be. It is surprising that more heavy metal rockers do not get stoned to death.'
Clive Stafford Smith, international human rights lawyer



Orlando Crowcroft is a journalist and life-long heavy metal fan and has interviewed bands throughout the Middle East for Rolling Stone, Atlantic and Esquire. He is the co-author of the Lonely Planet Guide to Israel and the Palestinian Territories (2015) and has reported from a dozen countries including Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In 2014, he reported from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza for The Guardian and The National.


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