Prevent: Why We Should Dissent
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Published By stand up too racism
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Stand Up to Racism and Muslim Engagement and Development have come together to produce a pamphlet in response to the government’s Prevent agenda. Titled ‘Prevent: Why we should dissent’, this guide and resource aims to provide activists with the tools to challenge Prevent. 

Contributors to the pamphlet include:
  • Michael Mansfield QC
  • Tayyabah Ahmed, lawyer and activist
  • Shelly Asquith, NUS Vice President
  • Azad Ali, MEND
  • Alex Kenny, NUT executive
  • Dave Muritu, UCU executive

From Donald Trump in the US to Marine Le Pen in France, the attempts to whip up Islamophobia are intensifying. Here in the UK, newspapers and the media regularly publish stories that demonise Muslims and paint them as the enemy within. The UK government’s Prevent agenda is part of this trend.

This pamphlet is aimed at exposing the fallacy and divisive nature of that agenda. It is intended to both provide activists with information about the flawed theory underlying the programme, and to encourage opposition and dissent. The contributors are united in their belief that Prevent demonises Muslims and divides communities.

If ordinary people are divided we cannot hope to move forward. We are only strong if we are united. That is why we need to oppose Prevent and stand up to racism.

We encourage you to use the pamphlet in your workplaces, colleges and campuses. Stand Up to Racism and MEND are looking to hold launch events around the UK, so if you’d like to get involved, please email us at or get in touch with your local group.

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