Len, A Lawyer in History: A Graphic Biography of Radical Attorney Leonard Weinglass
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Published By AK Press
ISBN : 9781849352406
Category : General Politics
Format : Paperback
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For decades Seth Tobocman has been working within the comics vernacular to create a unique language, and with 'Len' he's at the top of his game, brilliantly applying himself not only with pencil and ink on paper, but as an active participant in the same political struggles that Len Weinglass valiantly dedicated his life to solving. --Peter Kuper, author of "Ruins"

Tobocman has conjoined past and present to create singular, beautiful, volatile images of struggle. At the center of this explosionas example and harbinger, but most of all as an incendiary intimate portraitstands Len himself. Our coalitions will forever be enriched by his presence, and by the demands his legacy bequeaths. --AK Thompson, author of"Black Bloc, White Riot"

I met Len Weinglass in 1964. He was learned, funny, and the best damned trial lawyer I ever saw in a courtroom. The chapters on Newark, Chicago, and the Pentagon Papers case will help a new generation understand the substance behind all the blurry labels about the time. --Tom Hayden, author of "The Port Huron Statement"

PAUL BUHLE is the editor of a dozen comic art books along with many scholarly works, including the authorized biography of C.L.R. James.
MICHAEL STEVEN SMITH is executor of Leonard Weinglass's estate and co-editor of Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.
SETH TOBOCMAN is an author/illustrator and one of the founding editors of World War 3 Illustrated.

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