Why We Can't Afford the Rich
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Published By Policy Press
ISBN : 9781447320869
Category : Economics
Format : Paperback
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"Sayer proceeds with arguments that are internally coherent and does not invent economic mechanisms in the way that populists often do, never forgetting that cake-making must come before cake distribution." The Times Literary Supplement.

"Sayer does an impressive job of bringing home to the reader the scale of the threat capitalism now poses to humanity. As an introduction to critical political economy, the book is one of the best available." Counterfire.

"Adds to the growing body of work that challenges mainstream economic thinking and traditional self-justifications for inequality." New Left Project.

"Sayer puts forth a cogent and thoroughly convincing argument that will enlighten and inform—and may even help instigate the radical changes he puts forth." Publishers Weekly.

"A refreshing antidote to a public discourse that has allowed the perpetrators of the financial crisis to make massive gains, while the full burden of costs falls on those innocent of its causes. A must-read for all those who want to reverse that injustice and a wake-up call for the rich." Ann Pettifor, Director, Prime: Policy research in macroeconomics.

“Unmatched in persuasive argument and compelling illustrations, Andrew Sayer shows how the rich and the super-rich are destroying not just the economy but the planet too. Everyone should read Why we can't afford the rich and spread the word.” Michael Burawoy, University of California, Berkeley.

"Cuts through the hype so often used to defend growing inequality and gets to the core of the problem, with suggestions about where solutions may come from." Danny Dorling, University of Oxford.

"Packed with useful information and insights, this is a useful complement to Thomas Pikkety's Capital in the Twenty First Century, and makes a serious challenge to the many claims propagated by rich people and their minions." Tax Justice Network.

"A timely and insightful guide to how the rich managed top shape a language and political agenda that suited their purposes just perfectly." Tax Justice Focus.

"Sayer shows compellingly...just how much tolerating grand accumulations of private wealth is costing us." Too Much.

"Why We Can't Afford the Rich presents a nuanced, well-formed vision, which speaks from the perspective of a moral economy." Marx & Philosophy Review of Books.

"This timely and important book exposes the pernicious influence of the super rich on our economic and social fabric. It underlines the need for radical action to redistribute wealth, rebalance our economy and tackle inequality. A must read for politicians and policymakers alike" Frances O'Grady, TUC General Secretary.

"Sayer's penetrating analysis of asset-based unearned income is a powerful case for socialism, supporting as he does land nationalisation and the creation of banks with the remit to lend for productive investment in ethical and environmentally sustainable business." Morning Star.

"Engagingly explains how - and why - we have such trouble seeing what the rich are doing. We are the job creators, they insist. But our rich aren't creating jobs. They're not creating wealth. They're extracting wealth from the rest of us." Sam Pizzigati, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, D.C., and editor, Too Much --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

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