The Raj at War: A People's History of India's Second World War
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Published By Vintage
ISBN : 9780099542278
Category : India
Format : Paperback
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"Exceptional...balances analysis, history and human compassion in a narrative that leaves one shaken" (Juliet Nicolson, 5 stars Daily Telegraph)

"Almost impossible to put down" (New Statesman)

"The Second World War is one of the most written-about episodes in all world history: every month sees a dozen new titles published. Yet, astonishingly, The Raj at War breaks new ground on almost every page" (William Dalrymple Spectator)

"A striking example of people’s history, packed with anecdotes, memories and information about a shared but largely unwritten global past" (Guardian)

"Unprecedented in both in detail and in its unique insights... Khan's history has paved the way for a more complex understanding of the Second World War as India's War" (Vinay Lal Indian Express)

"A fascinating, vividly written history full of surprises, some of them shocking" (The Times)

"Yasmin Khan...offers a richly researched social history of wartime India that is peppered with fascinating detail" (The Economist)

"Remarkable Account… Compassionate, judicious and brilliantly readable, this is a compelling account of a dramatic, but little examined, aspect of history" (Daily Mail)

"This fascinating book tells the story of World War Two's impact on India: the shattering of the ordered relations which underpinned the Raj making its end inevitable. It's also a much needed reminder of India's contribution to that war" (Mark Tully)

The story of India’s home front in the Second World War, as told by the many lost voices of Indian soldiers and civilians


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