And the Sun Shines Now: How Hillsborough and the Premier League Changed Britain
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And the Sun Shines Now, the superb new book by Adrian Tempany, deconstructs the dramatic changes that have taken place in English football in the 25 years since the Hillsborough disaster . . . this is a story of what football has become, and what it has come to mean . . . What, though, elevates Tempany's polemic is his passion, the depth of his research and the clear-eyed presentation of his findings. (Dan Davies Esquire)

The most important book about modern football I've ever read. (David Peace)

'Tempany's And the Sun Shines Now, its title taken from the last line of the BBC commentator Peter Jones's moving description of the day's horrors, is written with memorably blistering passion.' (Dominic Sandbrook The Sunday Times)

'Tempany was 19 when he was almost killed at Hillsborough. Much of his opening chapter is a first-hand account, written with quietly furious understatement, and in places so harrowing it is hard to read...Despite the outcome of the inquest, the chilling, in some ways still opaque behaviour of the police at Hillsborough and in its long aftermath hangs heavily over the book's concluding pages. "For years, the police hid behind allegations of hooliganism," Tempany writes. "It is time for [the authorities] to delve a little deeper." He wants an official "truth commission" to probe exactly what formed police attitudes to football fans in the pre-Sky era, whether it was contempt for Liverpool (the pariah city of the Thatcher period), authoritarian habits acquired by South Yorkshire police during the 1984-85 miners' strike, or even deeper official coldness. But even the widest ranging truth commission wouldn't call to account all the forces responsible for Hillsborough and what happened to football afterwards. This brave book does that.' (Andy Beckett Guardian, Book of the Day)

'If you love football, if you like it, or have ever been in a pub while an England game was on, read this book. It's history... Not the version of history written by the winners, the authorities or the rich who love the financial potential of the football industry and have somehow confused that with a love of the game. This is history as it should be written. ' (Kelly Welles The Football Ramble)

The story of how modern football has changed from being the people's game to an elite multi-million pound business, and of what it has lost in the process.


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