All Our Welfare: Towards Participatory Social Policy
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Published By Policy Press
ISBN : 9781447328940
Category : Work and Welfare
Format : Paperback
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"Welfare reform doesn't need to mean cuts and privatisation. As this crucial book demonstrates, a dynamic, participatory system is an alternative to both the market and top-down bureaucracies. A much needed contribution." Owen Jones, author and Guardian columnist.

"An imaginative, challenging and valuable rethink of the welfare state, with a unique bottom-up focus from the perspective and interests of the people it was created to serve." Peter Tatchell, Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation.

"An incisive, compelling and highly personal case for a more democratic and participative social policy which fills the user perspective gap left by many others." Alan Walker, University of Sheffield.

"An illuminating, enjoyable and encouraging read which is highly recommended." – Ekklesia.

"This book is a rollicking good read! "All Our Welfare" by Peter Beresford is accessible and engaging not only because it comes from deep personal and professional perspectives backed up by evidence, but also because it's been written from the heart" – Waterstones.

"A remarkable work that highlights the past, present and possible future welfare state from a ‘participatory perspective’ and offers the reader the opportunity to consider a future welfare state that actually includes user involvement in developing social policy." Mo Stewart, Disability studies researcher.

"All Our Welfare deftly weaves together history, policy and personal experiences to examine the pasts and possible futures of welfare in Britain. This timely and moving book is an important reminder that what welfare is really about is ‘how we look after each other in society’." Imogen Tyler, Lancaster University.

"Peter Beresford is one of our best and most trenchant critics of the impact of neoliberal policies on social work services, service users and welfare provision more generally. This stimulating and important book deserves to be read widely." Michael Lavalette, Liverpool Hope University.

"Few people are better qualified than Peter Beresford to write a book which recognises the strengths of the welfare state while also challenging its limitations. Essential reading for students, practitioners and activists." Iain Ferguson, University of the West of Scotland.

Peter Beresford OBE is Professor of Social Policy at Brunel University London. He has a background as a long term user of mental health services and welfare benefits. He is also Co-Chair of Shaping Our Lives, the disabled people s and service users organisation, network and think tank. He has a longstanding involvement in issues of participation as service user, writer, researcher, campaigner and educator.

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