Sex, Needs & Queer Culture: From Liberation to the Post-Gay
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ISBN : 9781783605125
Category : LGBT
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A genuinely distinctive, highly considered, and important book. The writing is beautifully articulate, and it offers an ambitious and original contribution to queer theory. --Stephen Maddison, University of East London"

Honest, thoughtful and continuously insightful, Alderson s socialist-humanist perspective and commitment to moving beyond the identity politics of recent times make this an indispensable book. The arguments have a clarity that reflects not just an ability to write well, but his own need to communicate something substantial and important. --Jonathan Dollimore, author of Sex, Literature, and Censorship and Sexual Dissidence"

Erudite, elegantly written and passionately argued, "Sex, Needs and Queer Culture" offers a timely and urgently needed reassessment of gay liberation. Alderson s book will be an enriching and invaluable resource for all working in this field.
--Michael G. Cronin, Maynooth University"

By placing the economic so directly next to the sexual, "Sex, Needs and Queer Culture "is able to cut through the ideologies of both the academy and the world at large. Alderson's careful eye avoids the excesses of one-sided polemic while remaining firmly critical, and he cleverly and optimistically re-opens the questions of freedom and liberation for an often all-too-cynical age.
--Nina Power, author of One Dimensional Woman"

With nuance, passion and considerable lucidity, David Alderson deftly examines the myths and realities of the one-dimensional gay. "Sex, Needs and Queer Culture" is an astute analysis of our contemporary moment, and a potent call to both reclaim and reinvigorate subcultural queer praxis.
--Richard Hornsey, University of Nottingham"

David Alderson is Senior Lecturer in Modern Literature at the University of Manchester and Visiting Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is co-organiser, with Laura Doan, of the Centre for the Study of Sexuality and Culture at Manchester.


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