International Migration: Globalization's Last Frontier (Global Issues)
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'The free movement of goods and capital across borders has been hotly debated for decades, with phalanxes of scholars, activists, and politicians arrayed on all sides of the debates. But the free international movement of people is widely regarded as undesirable or impossible, or both. In this courageous book, Jonathon Moses presents a sustained argument for free international immigration. Moses surveys the history and morality of immigration, as well social-scientific analyses of its political and economic impact. He finds no compelling reasons for immigration restrictions, and addresses virtually every possible objection to his argument. The political realism of Moses' radical proposals may be questioned, but his logic and evidence are impeccable. International Migration is carefully reasoned, forcefully presented, and passionately argued. Intellectual opponents of free international migration have their work cut out for them.' - Jeffry Frieden, Professor of Government, Harvard University 'An excellent book - cogent, well-argued and comprehensive. Right on target for a world that is not fully reconciled to the logic of globalisation.' - Nigel Harris, Professor Emeritus, University College London; author of The New Untouchables: Immigration and the new world worker; Thinking the Unthinkable: the immigration myth exposed. 'This book stands out in the vast literature on globalization.It speaks with clarity and moral force on an aspect of globalization on which relatively little has been written. There has been almost an academic conspiracy of silence on the question of international migration. In this book the author weaves together political, economic and moral arguments to make a persuasive case for his vision of a world without borders. It is refreshingly provocative for the boldness of ideas, and provides a counter-point to the one -sided view that all we need in the name of globalization is freer trade and mobility of capital, but not the mobility of labour.' - Amit Bhaduri, Professor Emeritus at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and author of The Intelligent Person's Guide to Liberalization (1996) and On the Borders of Economic Theory and History (1999).

Professor Jonathon W. Moses has been at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) since 1993.

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