Badass Lady Power Picnic
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Published By Soviet Berret
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JOYCE GRENFELL and Jerusalem and Jam may spring to mind when you hear the name but this new Wimmins’ Institute are all-aural Amazons who celebrate the release of this album by filling your world with a strange, riot-grrrl beauty that’s both quintessentially English and a lot of fun.
Offering up an amalgam of punk’s abrasive DIY WTF-ness and the seraphic lilt of brass-laced pure pop, US duo Jen Denitto and Deb van der Geugten from ’90s band Linus have joined forces with Brits Cassie Fox and Melissa Reardon of socialist r’n’b band Thee Faction to create an eclectic concoction.
It’s ever more seamless as their talents mesh and the songs just grow stronger and stronger. 
With four vocalists, who are all trying their hand at new instruments, it is still a work in progress and, listening to their organic sound, it takes a while to decipher where they’re coming from. 
But then the rhythms beguile and the lyrics slowly reveal themselves as direct, clever and challenging political statements. 
It sucks you in, sounding one minute like Belle and Sebastian at their best on Darling Heart and then more edgy, even threatening on Bicycle with its Situationist-like refrain: “Everything is a spectacle.” 
The brilliant Mansplaining, deconstructing everyday sexism, deserves to be single of the year and is hilarious to watch on video. 
At times the freshness produces a hesitant tenderness both in the playing and singing (Boy Rules) and then joyful indulgent memories in Your Mum (Hates Me) because of the “mutual masturbation.” 
After eight songs, the Institute exits with an absolutely inspired mash-up, where Disney meets Peter Perrett, in Let it Go on Another Planet. 
With help from wonderful producer Charley Stone, this is a fitting climax to a brilliant debut and marks out this Wimmins’ Institute to be as inspiring as any that have come before.
Review by Bob Oram, Morning Star

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