Inside China's Automobile Factories
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'Lu Zhang's highly readable and insightful book offers a fascinating perspective on the recent wave of strikes in China's vast and growing automobile industry, drawing on extensive fieldwork in seven different auto factories. Highlighting the militancy of young, highly educated temporary auto assembly workers, who live in factory dormitories and often use social media as an organizing tool, Zhang shows how they leverage the ideological legacy of state socialism to challenge the logic of profit maximization in the world's most dynamic market economy. It is difficult to imagine a more intriguing case study of twenty-first-century labor unrest.' Ruth Milkman, Graduate Center, City University of New York 'Essential reading for anyone interested in labor's fate, not just in China, but throughout a new world of work in which states and corporate managers have created a diabolical set of legal and occupational categories that have divided workers and subverted solidarity. The power of Zhang's scholarship arises both from her gritty fieldwork in a series of Chinese factories as well as her sophisticated understanding of contemporary capitalism.' Nelson Lichtenstein, MacArthur Foundation Chair in History, University of California, Santa Barbara 'A worthy successor to the pioneering labor and social movement studies of Burawoy, Silver, Perry and Lee.' Mark Selden, Senior Research Associate, East Asia Program, Cornell University 'A must-read ethnography … Zhang contributes to the study of Chinese working-class formation with an excellent case.' Pun Ngai, author of Made in China: Factory Women Workers in a Global Workplace (2005) 'At first glance, this work by Zhang … appears to be narrowly focused on China's automobile industry. However, her analysis is grounded in a much broader macro understanding of the interaction between economic and political institutions and the evolving national culture of China. [Her] exploration of the tensions created by rapid development and growth of China's auto industry - particularly the organization, control, and compensation of labor - has implications for the rest of the Chinese economy and global capitalism more generally … Summing up: highly recommended. All readers.' Satya J. Gabriel, ChoiceBased on years of fieldwork and extensive interviews conducted from inside seven large auto factories in various regions, Lu Zhang combines original empirical data and sophisticated analysis to provide a multilayered framework for understanding how labor relations in the auto industry and broader social economy can be expected to develop in China in the coming decades.

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