Introducing Marx
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ISBN : 9781840467147
Category : Marxist Theory
Format : Paperback
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This classic text, first published in English in 1976, was a huge international bestseller, the breakthrough brainchild of the legendary Mexican cartoonist Rius. He proved that the comic book format could be serious and informative as well as entertaining, by creating the friendliest book ever published on an indigestible subject, Karl Marx. Karl Marx went out of fashion when the Berlin Wall came down and the socialist command economy in Soviet Russia and its satellites collapsed. But did Marx prescribe anything like the Soviet bloc model of socialism? Answer? No. For seventy years his critique was the captive of a model that he would not have recognized or approved. Great thinkers like Marx do not go away. Soon, he will be rediscovered, and this is still the ideal introduction to a philosopher who is perhaps now more relevant than ever, as the world moves towards unregulated free market economies.

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