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A Socialist History of the French Revolution
Tuesday 26 May 6.30pm

'Every revolutionary party, every oppressed people, every oppressed working class can claim Jaurès, his memory, his example, and his person, for our own' - Leon Trotsky Jean Jaurès was the celebrated French Socialist Party leader, assassinated in 1914 for trying to use diplomacy and industrial action to prevent the outbreak of war. Published just a few years before his death, his magisterial A Socialist History of the French Revolution, has endured for over a century as one of the most influential accounts of the French Revolution ever to be published. Mitchell Abidor’s long-overdue translation and abridgement of Jaurès’s original 6-volumes brings this exceptional work to an Anglophone audience for the first time.

Written in the midst of his activities as leader of the Socialist Party and editor of its newspaper, L’Humanité, Jaurès intended the book to serve as both a guide and an inspiration to political activity; even now it can serve to do just that. Abidor’s accomplished translation, and Jaurès’s verve, originality and willingness to criticise all players in this great drama make this a truly moving addition to the shelf of great books on the French Revolution. About The Author Jean Jaurès (3 September 1859 – 31 July 1914) was a French Socialist who became the leader, in 1902, of the French Socialist Party, which opposed Jules Guesde's revolutionary Socialist Party of France.

The two parties merged in 1905 in the French Section of the Workers' International (SFIO). An antimilitarist, Jaurès was assassinated at the outbreak of World War I, and remains one of the main historical figures of the French Left.

Mitchell Abidor (Translator) books include anthologies of of Victor Serge, the Paris Commune, the left of the French Revolution, as well as the novella A Raskolnikov by Emmanuel Bove. He lives in Brooklyn. Ian Birchall is a Marxist historian and translator, and author of numerous articles and books, particularly relating to the French Left and the Rebel's Guide to Lenin.

Admission £2, Reserve your place here or call 020 7637 1848

Bookmarks Bookshop
1 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QE
الثورة الدائمة ٥
Thursday 04 Jun 6.30pm

Join us to celebrate the UK launch of Al-Thawra al-Da'ima (Permanent Revolution Journal) issue 5. 

This Arabic journal of Marxist theory is a joint project by six revolutionary socialist organisations in the Middle East. It brings together writers who are in the thick of the ongoing struggles against imperialism and counter-revolution from Morocco and Tunisia, to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The current issue includes debates over the nature of ISIS, analysis of the fate of the Egyptian Revolution, and assessment of the balance of social and political forces in Morocco.

The journal also celebrates the life and work of Bassem Chit, who was a leading member of the editorial board until his untimely death last year at the age of 35.

The UK printing and distribution of the journal is being organised in collaboration with the Al-Thawra al-Da'ima editorial board by Al-Khat al-Ahmar (RedLine Publishing), a new radical publishing house specialising in the distribution of Arabic revolutionary literature outside the Middle East. Go to www.redlinepublishing.wordpress.com for more information. 

Copies of the journal will be on sale at the launch priced at £7.50 (full price £8.50 from 6 June).

Admission £2, Reserve your place here or call 020 7637 1848

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